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Access case studies, tips, best practices and strategy for your business to get the most out of Volinspire!
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Radville, Saskatchewan
Stories of our community involvement
Want to drive traffic to your community-focused Volinspire profile via print marketing materials? Want a clean URL? Email and we can create a custom URL that you can use in your print materials or on your website. Check out the image to see an example.
Here are 5 Quick Tips for getting the most out of your story posts. Download the poster!
How important is it to foster a Culture of Recognition? We share how easy this is and the benefits of making this part of your business strategy.
Your employees have volunteered in some way in the past year - that's not up for debate - they just might not realize it! Here's a great article about informal volunteerism that proves that maybe they're volunteering more than they know...
When's the last time your employees logged volunteer hours? Do they know that by taking a few seconds to do so, they can help their cause, community, company, AND themselves? It's true! Share this link with employees, so they can learn about all the good that comes from logging hours!
YOU may know you’re a Good Company, but who else knows? Volinspire makes it nearly effortless for you to share your community goodness through one of the most powerful tools known to mankind – storytelling.
The world of volunteerism is progressing and Volinspire is contributing to this shift. Are your employees interested in accessing volunteer positions from all across Canada that they can do from the comfort of their home? We've got you covered! Learn more about virtual volunteerism and the benefits this offers to your staff:
This year is Canada's 150th anniversary! You may be saying: "Canada Day is over, now what?" If you haven't yet launched any form of campaign or leveraged the 150 brand, don't worry, it's NOT too late, you can participate all year long!

Check out our blog post, quite awesomely named: "Celebrate Good Times...come on! It's a [Canada 150] celebration!" -

It includes examples of what Volinspire customers are doing to celebrate Canada150 as well as a guide that shares 15 simple, quick and engaging ideas for you to benefit from jumping onboard and leveraging a campaign that has already gained a great deal of momentum and is receiving a great deal of exposure!
Corporate giving is no longer something you should do, it’s something you must do. Having evolved from being a “nice thing to do for the community”, corporate giving is now an important measure of social responsibility as well as a key tool for employee recruitment, engagement, and retention.

Fortunately, you can begin your journey to becoming a Good Company today with Volinspire’s "SMILE" plan, which includes 5 easy steps - Strategize, Measure, Integrate…
Why not invite organizations you support and work with to join this amazing community? We've made it even easier with some best practices and templated communications (sample and editable letters, resources for organizations AND brand new videos!) Expanding your community builds capacity in the charitable sector; showcasing your company as a community leader and also helps to create a larger impact.

Feel free to check out (and share!) our Volinspire for Organizations playlist of videos. Whether an organization is already using Volinspire or they have never heard of our platform, these short videos answer some key questions including what Volinspire is, how to get started and introduces many of the benefits that Volinspire offers.
Radville, Saskatchewan