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  • Victoria, British Columbia

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Our partner, the Saanich Legacy Foundation can accept donations on our behalf
Thank you to SLF to help make Connections Place possible!
100,000 People Benefit each year from 330+ Clubhouses in 34 Countries
42% Employment Rate achieved at Accredited Clubhouses each year vs 20% average employment rate in public mental health systems
1 year of holistic recovery services can be delivered to Clubhouse members for the same cost as a 2-week stay in a psychiatric hospital


About us

Connections Place Society is working to establish a Clubhouse International in the Greater Victoria Area. The 'Clubhouse Model' is a world renowned rehabilitation program to guide people struggling with mental illness to lead happy and productive lives.
The first Clubhouse began in 1948 in New York City - it is called Fountain House. Due to it's successful outcomes in guiding people to social inclusion there are now 330 Clubhouse models in the world located in 34 countries.
Pathways Clubhouse in Richmond, BC is our mentor Clubhouse. Pathways was named one of the Top Ten Impact Charities in Canada in 2016 and has a Societal Return on Investment of 14:1 because there is a reduction in the need for emergency services.
Canada has 18 Clubhouse models located in most of our major cities. Connections Place will provide opportunities to develop work skills in food services, customer service, research, data processing, administration, banking, budgeting, public speaking and more!

What we believe in

We believe in supporting people living with a mental illness to rejoin the words friendship, family, employment and education.
We believe in providing opportunities and a community where people can work together to further their personal and common goals.
Meaningful relationships and peer support are a key part of recovery and these occur naturally in the Clubhouse model. Staff and members will share responsibilities and work side by side in a collegial manner.

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    Mental Health
    Health & Well-being
    Special Needs and Diverse Abilities


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