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City of Revelstoke - Parks, Recreation & Culture

  • 600 CAmpbell Ave.
  • Revelstoke, British Columbia
    V0E 2S0

About us

The City of Revelstoke is an administrative body whose mandate is to provide optimum
quality services and security to the community and visitors of Revelstoke in a
fiscally responsible manner. Community priorities include:opportunities for youth;
economic growth and stability; environmental citizenship; personal safety and
security; a responsible and caring social support system; a first class education
system; local access to life long learning;spiritual and cultural values; and diverse
forms of recreation. Parks,Recreation & Culture Department (PRC)contributes to a wide
range of community benefits which include: health and recreation,social
engagement,well being,community spirit,environmental responsibility,and the economy.

What we believe in

Our mission is to provide optimum quality services and security to our community and our visitors, in a fiscally responsible manner. We will endeavor to provide cooperative, well-informed and innovative leadership in order to sustain our uniquely superior quality of life. We are committed to fostering a strong sense of community in Revelstoke, and we will
be responsive and adaptive to changing social, political and economical conditions.
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