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Chemainus Theatre Festival Society

  • 9574 Bare Point Rd. Bag #1000
  • Chemainus, British Columbia
    V0R 1K5

Extra Information

We strive to develop new Canadian classic adaptations and plays, to employ professional artists and artisans, and to educate, support and inspire artists at all levels of development (student, community, emerging and professional artists).

About us

We are a vibrant, established and fully professional theatre nestled in the seaside community of Chemainus, BC. We feature some of the finest performers and performances in Canada, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.
The Chemainus Theatre Festival is your place to get together and liven up. As a non-profit society, we exist to serve Vancouver Island and its visitors by creating exceptional theatre that explores and nourishes truth, hope, redemption, love and the human spirit.
Three main goals focus and direct our organization and programming on this dynamic path. They are ambitious, far ranging and seek to impact our local, regional, provincial and national community….

What we believe in

We strive to establish an environment and spirit of service, integrity, respect, cooperation and trust, to ensure a standard of excellence and to motivate all who participate in the Chemainus Theatre Festival.
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    Arts & Culture
    Community and Economic Development