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Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - BC Chapter

  • 410-698 Seymour Street
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
    V6B 3K6


About us

CPAWS is Canada’s voice for wilderness. Since 1963 we’ve led in creating over two-thirds of Canada’s protected areas. That amounts to about half a million square kilometres an area bigger than the entire Yukon Territory! Our vision is that Canada will protect at least half of our public land and water. As a national charity with 13 chapters, 55,000 supporters and hundreds of volunteers, CPAWS works collaboratively with governments, local communities, industry and indigenous peoples to protect our country’s amazing natural places. We’re also on guard to ensure that our parks are managed to protect the nature within them.
CPAWS protects wilderness in every corner of B.C. and deep into the ocean. We create and safeguard large parks, protected areas and wilderness corridors places like the Tatshenshini, Muskwa Kechika, Northern Rockies, Pacific Rim, Gwaii Haanas and Bowie Seamount.

What we believe in

CPAWS envisages a healthy ecosphere where people experience and respect natural ecosystems.
We will achieve this by: protecting Canada's wild ecosystems in parks, wilderness and similar natural areas, preserving the diversity of habitats and their species. Promoting awareness and understanding of ecological principles and the inherent values of wilderness through education, appreciation and experience. Working co-operatively with government, First Nations, business, other organizations.
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