Artsy Phartsy/ Karis Support Society

  • 550 Rowcliffe Avenue
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1Y 5Y9

Extra Information

We are looking for volunteers seamstresses to assist us in creating our up-cycled goods, aprons grocery bags and tote bags. We would also like volunteers to work the Farmers Markets and Artisans markets. We are a lovely group of women looking to expand out team.

About us

Artsy Phartsy is a social enterprise for Karis Support Society, so all profits would go directly back into our recovery program. We are just in the initial stages of start-up and discovery, working to get our products and name out into the community. We specialize in the up-cycling of goods. We take the old and discarded and give it a new creative lease on life. Saving undiscovered treasures from a life in the landfill. All material products are made from donations and lucky finds in thrift stores. At this moment we are making funky and fun aprons, tote and grocery bags and cleaning cloths from old flannel sheets for private and industrial use.
A big part of the vision for this social enterprise is to train some of our participants in the art of sewing. Being creative and collaborating in the development of this social enterprise helps the women to learn how to work together and grow together as a team.

What we believe in

Karis Support Society is a non-profit organization that provides recovery-focused counselling, programming and support to women, and women with babies or children within a supportive home environment.
Our participants are women whose experiences of trauma, abuse, crisis or overwhelming stress have led to substance abuse or mental health challenges which have negatively impacted their lives and they are now actively working on personal recovery.

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  • Causes we care about

    Health & Well-being
    Mental Health
    Religion and Spirituality

    The effect volunteers can make

    Volunteers can make a measurable impact on the community

    2 Hours Volunteered = 1 One grocery bag made, saving animals from random plastic bags

    Positions and Events

    Upcoming events that you can get involved with by applying for a volunteer position


    Karis Support Society, Kelowna
    Ongoing, Jan 7th to Mar 29th, 2019
    A volunteer can help provide the man hours that our new social enterprise needs to get off the ground.
    Apply within 12d.


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