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All Are Family Outreach

  • 11370 Bottom Wood Lake Rd
  • Lake Country, British Columbia
    V4V 1X4

About us

All Are Family Outreach (AAFO) is a "grassroots" charity serving those in desperate need from Armstrong to West Kelowna. AAFO is 100% volunteer-run and relies solely on the generous donations from individuals and organizations. We fill the gap left by other resources so that no one falls through the cracks. We provide food, clothing, and help find housing for families in need. We feed up to 600 people in need per week. And we provide support for depression, children in danger and women fleeing abuse.

What we believe in

To help those we can, in any way we can, with the resources and abilities we have available.
Causes we care about
Food & Nutrition
Health & Well-being
Positions and Events
Sponsorship Coordinator

Virtual, Due by Dec 31st
Making a difference in the lives of struggling families & individuals!
Food & Nutrition
Health & Well-being
Apply within 9mo.


Things we’re involved with in the community