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Logo of 100+ Women Who Care | Powell River
100+ Women Who Care | Powell River
100+ Women Who Care | Powell River, is based on the simple concept of bringing together 100+ women who commit to meet four times a year, contribute $50 at each meeting, and make...
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Powell River, British Columbia
Causes we care about

  • Philanthropy and Capacity Building

Stories of our community involvement
On January 25 we heard from 3 organizations that serve some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Thank you to the , the PREP Society (Community Resource Centre), Powell River and District Christmas Cheer Committee, and the Powell River Action Center Food Bank for your powerful presentations and for the important work you do in Powell River! Congratulations the the Community Resource Centre for being the evening recipient - they received a pledge of $7,900 from our members!! Huge thanks to everyone who came out and to all the awesome women who are part of 100+ Women Who Care ❤️.
Thank you First Credit Union & Insurance for giving me the opportunity to choose Hands Across the Water to present a donation for $150.00. Hands Across the Water is a fantastic group that raises money for Syrian refugee families to immigrate to Canada, specifically to Powell River. I heard their presentation at one of the 100+ Women Who Care | Powell River meetings. Of course we know about the devastation in Syria, and about the 6 million people effected. We live such a great life here in Powell River, and it's so inspiring to see this group of people that are helping Syrian refugees make a better life for themselves and their families. I can only imagine the gratitude they feel. Hands Across the Water truly are making this world a better place with the work they do. If you'd like to find out how you can help support Hands Across the Water, please visit for more information.
Our second 100+ Women Who Care | Powell River meeting was held on September 28 - another inspiring night! The room was filled with energy, passion, and support for one another. We are truly blessed to have so many organizations and volunteers in our community ... protecting our most vulnerable children, filling our library shelves with books, providing a warm meal and shelter to our homeless, providing support to the dying and their caregivers. I am filled with gratitude for the incredible women and men who give thousands of hours to serve all of us. Congratulations to all the presenters, and to the Powell River Hospice Society for being the recipient for the evening - they received our collective donation of $7,200. #thepowerof100 #100WomenWhoCare #volinspire
Our first 100+ Women Who Care meeting was so inspiring! Collectively we donated $5,250 to Friends of Powell River - a small but ever-growing group of people working quietly to eliminate suffering that children and youth who are hungry, poorly dressed, without bikes or activity fees experience either chronically or intermittently. They work with community volunteers to make sure every child in Powell River has 3 meals a day, good clothes and shoes, access to activities and a sense that the other adults in this town are there for them. The other presenting organizations included Hands Across the Water - Powell River Refugee Sponsorship Group, and Powell River Christian School, who received $150 each. It is truly incredible the impact we can make when we come together. #thePowerof100
Such an amazing night having the opportunity to come together with so many women to pool our money and donate over $5000 to 'Friends of Powell River' to support the incredible work being done by this group to help children in need in our community. Heart wrenching stories of children who are hungry and in need. So awesome to be able to make such a significant donation from 100+ women who care. The next meeting and chance to pool our money and make a donation like this is September. Come join the group! Open to all women who care. If you want to join this amazing group of women. Thanks so much to those who made this all happen! 100 Women Who Care | Powell River
We now have 65 members, and a total of $3250 pledged to a local non-profit/charity for our first meeting on June 29th. Only 35 more registered members until we meet our goal - we can do it!! Register today and join us in making a powerful impact in our community:
Powell River, British Columbia
Causes we care about

  • Philanthropy and Capacity Building