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Apply by Jun 23rd 2017

United Way: 100 Free Bags for 100 Families

Provide 100 bags of free groceries for families in need

The goal of '100 Free Bags for 100 Families' is to increase awareness of local statistics for children and families in Powell River. Volunteers will be stuffing 100 reusable bags with fresh produce and information for families and handing them out to families in our community. (RONA is supplying the bags, First CU made a $500 donation towards the food). We will also need one volunteer to take photographs of the event, and one volunteer to manage the 'Change for Change' donation jar - all donations will go towards the United Way Healthy Meals program that helps support school and community food programs throughout the year. If you have questions about this project, please contact team lea Lori Casparie lori.casparie@firstcu.ca
This position is part of a community event

Community Impact Day: Powell River

Jun 22, 9pm - Jun 23, 12am, 2017

One day a year we close our branches early so employees can spend an afternoon volunteering - we call this our Community Impact Day. This is an opportunity for us to lend a hand and make a difference in our communities.

This volunteer position has no scheduling requirements attached to it. You can work out your availability and time commitment directly with the organizer.

You must apply before Jun 23rd 2017

This position is currently full.

Powell River Town Centre
7100 Alberni St
Powell River, British Columbia
V8A 3G7
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Community Impact Day: Powell River

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