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Volunteer Position
Apply by Jul 15th 2016

Interior Savings Event Crew

Support the Across The Lake Swim in Kelowna
Good for GroupsGood for FamiliesGood for Youth

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Interior Savings Across The Lake Swim as the Event Crew. We know your group will have a fantastic time onsite.
Your team will get to interact with attendees and have a lot of fun. We won't be bringing the Great Money Challenge booth to this event. We are going to have your group roving in pairs with blank posters so the audience can create a poster to cheer on the family member/friend, and $200 Get Your Share cards so you can talk to people about the benefits of Membership.
Staff are asked to wear their bright blue Interior Savings Community Crew shirts, families and children are welcome to participate but won't be provided a staff shirt.
To sign up, have each staff person create an account on Volinspire and sign up for this team event. You can log your volunteer hours after the event and these hours will count towards the new Employee Recognition Program. Your team will also be provided $250 for running the event crew at this event. The funds can be directed to your staff fun fund or you may choose to use some or all of it to support your team's charity of choice.

This volunteer position has no scheduling requirements attached to it. You can work out your availability and time commitment directly with the organizer.

You must apply before Jul 15th 2016

This position is currently full.

City Park
1600 Abbott St
Kelowna, British Columbia
Hosted by
Logo of Interior SavingsInterior Savings

We’ve set our sights on making an impact in four key areas: • Empowering Parents with young children • Supporting mental wellness through all stages of life • Maintaining social connection with age • Supporting a strong cooperative local economy Together, we’re helping to build and support communities where people are welcomed, encouraged, supported and cared for. Where everyone can find the connections, confidence, and skills to not only enjoy life but fulfill their potential too.

In support of
Across The Lake Swim

Causes this position supports

  • Health & Well-being

  • Youth Development

  • Sports and Recreation

Skills involved

  • Event Coordination

  • Public Relations

People volunteering