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Apply by Sep 15th 2017

Interior Savings Event Crew

Help teach financial literacy through a fun game
Good for GroupsGood for Families

We are so excited to have your team participate as the Event Crew at RibFest Kelowna on Saturday September 16th from 10am - 2:30pm. We know your group will have a fantastic time onsite! The equipment you require will be onsite from the day prior, you will need to raise the tent legs and setup the prize table and game. COD will be taking over at 3pm, please assist them in learning the game prior to leaving.
Your team will be running the Great Money Challenge game and conducting event surveys. Please visit the Event Crew section http://wiki.common.is.cu/index.p... on the Common Wiki to view the Guidebook, Event Survey details and to find our FAQ section.
Ribfest lines make survey collection very easy as people are standing in line. Survey participants have the option of providing their contact information for a chance to win $200 cash. Your team will earn $0.50 per completed survey to a max payout of $100, our goal is to have at least 100 survey’s completed by each team.
Your team will receive $300 for running the Event Crew plus bonus funds from completed event surveys.
If you have any questions onsite please contact Rhonda Ewen at 250-212-5698 or Corinne Johnson at 250-718-7382.
This position is part of a community event

Interior Savings Sunrise Rotary RibFest

Sep 15, 10pm - Sep 18, 5:30am, 2017

Join us for the 2017 Second Annual Interior Savings Sunrise Rotary RibFest in Kelowna during our three-day event where we will feature four award-winning ribbers from across Canada, live musical entertainment, vendors, a Kids Zone and family fun.

This volunteer position has no scheduling requirements attached to it. You can work out your availability and time commitment directly with the organizer.

You must apply before Sep 15th 2017

City Park
Kelowna, British Columbia
Hosted by
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Causes this position supports

  • Community and Economic Development

  • Housing and Homelessness

  • Philanthropy and Capacity Building

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  • Event Coordination

  • Public Relations

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