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Triumph Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.

1 employee on Do Some Good
  • 775 Lindsay Court
  • Kelowna, British Columbia

About us

We are a family owned and operated business in West Kelowna proudly serving the Okanagan Valley. We provide the best possible service to our customers at a fair and honest price. Honesty and Integrity are the framework of our business because we believe in people and doing the right thing. Our employees have these same values which is why as a company we enjoy giving back to our community.

What we believe in

We believe in our community and being a part of it. We like to give back by volunteering whenever we can. We believe that if everyone does a little good, it goes a long, long way.
Causes we care about
Animal Welfare
Youth Development
Top causes supported by employees
  • Animal Welfare
  • Environment
  • Mental Health
  • Special Needs and Diverse Abilities
  • Sports and Recreation


Stories of our community involvement