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Eric Thorsteinson - Century 21

1 employee on Do Some Good
  • 251 Harvey Avenue
  • Kelowna, British Columbia

About us

Kelowna Real Estate Advisor - Passionately deliver extraordinary results as your trusted REAL ESTATE advisor through a consumer centric "Concierge" service mandate.

What we believe in

Be a bucket filler everyday! DoSomeGood...Fill someones bucket today and everyday through random acts of kindness.
Organizations We Support
  • Our Average Annual Contributions

    $ 5000

    Dollars donated

    50 hours


    $ 1000

    Monetary Equivalent of Volunteer Hours

    Causes we care about
    Community and Economic Development
    Youth Development
    Sports and Recreation
    Top causes supported by employees
    • Community and Economic Development
    • Education
    • Health & Well-being
    • Youth Development
    • Sports and Recreation


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