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Okanagan Staffing Services Inc.

1 employee on Do Some Good
  • 1476 St. Paul Street
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1Y 2E6

About us

Okanagan Staffing Services Inc. is a British Columbia owned and operated recruitment agency servicing the staffing needs of businesses, industry and government, throughout the Okanagan Valley. Since June 1995, we have provided our clients with timely, cost-effective assistance with temporary, contract and permanent employee staffing in Kelowna and the area. We have seen the demand for our temporary and permanent recruitment and skill evaluation services grow. Employers don’t want to simply find a new hire; they want to find the right hire. As the popularity of the Okanagan Valley flourishes, we will continue to take pride in ensuring superior customer service to an expanding client base and enhancing our services to meet our clients’ evolving staffing needs.

What we believe in

At Okanagan Staffing Services, we believe in giving back to the community through health and well-being, sports, recreational programs, and more. Through the promotion of local hiring practices and the development of small businesses, OSS hopes to aid the community we live in by contributing to the overall development and the prosperity of the City of Kelowna and employment of its people.
Our Average Annual Contributions

$ 5000

Dollars donated

Causes we care about
Community and Economic Development
Health & Well-being
Sports and Recreation
Top causes supported by employees
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Health & Well-being
  • Sports and Recreation