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About us

Family owned business since 1955. We are an automotive shop that deals with tires, maintenance, and repairs on vehicles

What we believe in

The Carma Project…. what goes around comes around”
The project’s intention is to encourage members of the community to come together
and help another member of the community get going. Taking a used vehicle, fixing it up, and giving it to someone who’s in need of getting around.
Like a Reincarnation of what isn’t working into something that does.
To achieve a good Carma Project, we are looking for donations of cars or vans.

Organizations we support

  • What people are saying about us

    The team at Integra Tire helped outfit our Shoe Bank van with proper tires for our longer highway commutes. Excellent group of people and we're very grateful for their support!

    Integra Tire and the Karma Project has made an enormous difference for survivors of trauma and for our staff here at the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society. As well as providing us with a vehicle to transport clients to court, the hospital and food bank when needed, they provided a Carma Car for a survivor of abuse. The vehicle enabled our client to go back to work while continuing to work on her healing from severe post-traumatic stress. Bruce and the team provide excellent care for our vehicles, and are professional and friendly to deal with. Thank you, Integra Tire, for all your support!

    Causes we care about

    Animal Welfare
    Family Care
    Food & Nutrition

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    • Animal Welfare
    • Family Care
    • Food & Nutrition


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