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GreenStep Solutions Inc

3 employees on Do Some Good
  • #200-1262 St Paul street
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1Y 2C9

Environmental Stewardship

In our own offices we compost with a worm composter, have replaced all of our T12 flourescent lamps with T5s, installed a dual-flush toilet and faucet aerators, program our thermostat, conduct annual waste audits, buy all recycled paper products and much more. We also have adopted a portion of Mill Creek and clean it twice per year, participate annually in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up and clean up garbage around our office a few times per year.


About us

GreenStep’s Purpose: “To change the world by making sustainable business more profitable than business as usual.”
GreenStep’s Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal: “To become the business most known for improving the social, environmental and economic performance of small and medium sized enterprises.”
GreenStep was founded in 2008 by Angela Nagy and Lindsay Eason to help small to medium sized enterprises reduce their environmental impacts and create a sustainability strategy for the future.
We practice what we preach. GreenStep is a Certified B Corporation, we’re powered by 100% renewable energy, and after reducing as much as possible, we measure and then offset our remaining carbon emissions.

What we believe in

We believe that business have the power to change the world, and in using business as a force for good! That's why we started a company that would help business to reduce their environmental impacts while generating a return on investment. As a Certified B Corporation, we were recently recognized as Best for the World for Environment 2016, for the collective impacts that we have made helping more than 1,600 business to date.
Organizations We Support
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    Our Average Annual Contributions

    36 hours


    $ 720

    Monetary Equivalent of Volunteer Hours

    Causes we care about
    Food & Nutrition
    Human Rights
    Top causes supported by employees
    • Health & Well-being
    • Environment
    • Animal Welfare
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Arts & Culture


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