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Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce

2 employees on Do Some Good
  • 204-3002 32nd Ave
  • Vernon, British Columbia


About us

The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce is considered the foremost voice of business in the North Okanagan. We support a growing and fully engaged membership. Through our leadership, we continue to develop and improve community relations, enhance the value we provide to our members and partner with community leaders in all areas that contribute to a sustainable community. We also communicate our results effectively to our members and our community.

What we believe in

The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce advocates for our members and promotes economic prosperity for all. We provide leadership by encouraging sustainable development and service excellence.
Organizations We Support
  • Our Average Annual Contributions

    100 hours


    $ 2000

    Monetary Equivalent of Volunteer Hours

    Causes we care about
    Community and Economic Development


    Stories of our community involvement