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Glow Juicery Kelowna Inc.

1 employee on Do Some Good
  • 1880 Dayton Street
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1Y 7W6

About us

Glow Juicery Kelowna is a local Juicery creates fresh cold-pressed Juices, superfood Smoothies + many vegan Raw Food options. Created with largely local, organic & sustainable food sources, our unique + delicious menu is designed as a convenient way to nourish your body, increase your energy, and add a little extra "Glow" to your day! Need a reboot??? We offer a variety of juice + raw food cleanse options. Stop by to get nourished at one of our 2 locations (Landmark Towers & Downtown).

What we believe in

Glow Juicery Kelowna cares about their team, their amazing loyal customers and the Community they live in. They believe in health, wellness, commitment, integrity. They put so much pride and love into the food and juice they create and want to be the beacon of change. They are making a conscientious effort to care for our environment by using sustainable straws and packaging. Glow has given back to many charities in the Community and looks forward to being a part of Do Some Good.
Causes we care about
Food & Nutrition
Mental Health