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Envision Financial, a division of First West Credit Union

466 employees on Do Some Good
  • Langley, British Columbia

About us

Envision Financial, a division of First West Credit Union, offers British Columbians throughout the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and Kitimat regions innovative products, an extensive branch network and local decision making. We simplify lives, helping members and communities thrive.

What we believe in

Our social, environmental and people practices are integral to strengthening our communities and ensuring that in years to come, our credit union, our members and employees, live, work and play in a healthy and sustainable community.
Organizations We Support
  • What people are saying about us

    It is great to see a Good Company, such as Envision Financial, giving back to their local community. Local acts of kindness, volunteerism and donations help to make our country the amazing place that it is today. A big thanks to Envision Financial for their contributions to building a stronger and more connected community.

    Envision staff are amazing! Envision has been a great supporter of SOS Children's Village BC over the years and continue to not only want to help but are always so eager and happy which makes every project and volunteer efforts so successful. We LOVE having Envision as a part of our volunteer team and think of them as part of our SOS BC family!

    The Langley Ribfest and the Langley Volunteer Bureau, we are very appreciative for the support, commitment and volunteers on behalf of Envision Financial, a division of First West Credit Union's. It was an amazing event and showcase for Langley and the Rotary Clubs of Langley. We are extremely grateful for the cooperation of other Langley Credit Unions that came together as the "Credit Unions of Langley"...wow!

    Our Average Annual Contributions

    $ 1184489

    Dollars donated

    3534 hours


    $ 70680

    Monetary Equivalent of Volunteer Hours

    Causes we care about
    Food & Nutrition
    Social Services
    Financial Literacy
    Top causes supported by employees
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Animal Welfare
    • Health & Well-being
    • Youth Development
    • Sports and Recreation


    Stories of our community involvement