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What People are Saying About Us

Read some of the kind words that community members and organizations are saying about Aldergrove Credit Union.

Anonymous AdministratorBC Children's Hospital Foundation

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is grateful for the longstanding partnership with Aldergrove Credit Union. Since 2010, Aldergrove Credit Union has raised more than $160,000 in support of kids and families that are in need of care through BC Children’s Hospital. Through grassroots fundraising initiatives, the employees and members of the Aldergrove Credit Union community have helped BC Children’s Hospital fund urgent equipment needs as well as essential research and education. Last year, more than 86,000 patients, received treatment at BC Children’s Hospital. As the only pediatric hospital for critically ill or injured children in the province, Aldergrove Credit Union’s support enables us to take on the biggest health care challenges facing our kids and youth. Remaining committed to supporting the local communities in which they operate, Aldergrove Credit Union’s support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation helps in creating new possibilities for kids across British Columbia.

Jennifer MarshallUnited way of the Lower Mainland

A community is made great by caring, local citizens like the good people at Aldergrove Credit Union. They have been generous supporters of United Way since 2005. Their kindness not only helps to build a brighter future for those who need it most but also helps to create a better, more caring, and more resilient community for us all - and that is a gift beyond measure. Thank you so much Aldergrove Credit Union for your support over the years!

Brandon chowBC Technology for Learning Society

BC Technology for Learning Society is grateful for the contributions made by the Aldergrove Credit Union. Aldergrove Credit Union’s donation of used tech will go towards bettering our local community and creating new opportunities for families across B.C.

Picture of Karen LongLogo of RibFest Langley
Karen LongRibFest Langley

The Langley Ribfest and the Langley Volunteer Bureau, are very appreciative of the support, commitment and volunteers on behalf of the Aldergrove Credit Union. It was an amazing event and showcase for Langley and the Rotary Clubs of Langley. We are extremely grateful for the cooperation of other Langley Credit Unions that came together as the "Credit Unions of Langley"...wow!

Caitlin JungCanuck Place Children's Hospice

Aldergrove Credit Union has sponsored our Gift of Love Gala for the entirety of it's 6 year run, enabling our flagship Fraser Valley fundraiser to grow and make a huge impact for Canuck Place children and families! We love working with ACU and we are truly grateful for their consistent and ongoing support and care for pediatric palliative care in BC.

Picture of Abbotsford Hospice SocietyLogo of Abbotsford Hospice Society
Abbotsford Hospice SocietyAbbotsford Hospice Society

Aldergrove Credit Union has been a great support to Abbotsford Hospice Society. We have used their tents on many occasions. They are always so willing to help out and are a wonderful community partner.