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Redcliff Library Fundraising Goal almost there!

Community Need:

We offer copy services to our community that are hard to find anywhere else in Redcliff. Our current machine offers copying in colour and black & white, faxes , and scans to email but the machine itself is now almost 12 years old. With new technology since that time, we are raising funds to purchase a new one with WI-FI capabilities. It is our understanding that this is the only public use copier in our town which means it is used quite often every day of the week. Although we charge a nominal fee for services, except scan to email which is free, we keep the prices as low as possible to cover the expenses, and reduce the price if the user supplies their own paper. We also have many service organizations that use the copier as well for their own needs. We pride ourselves on offering our community members the best service possible and look forward to this new piece of modernized equipment to help make all print jobs easier and accessible via WI-FI.

Local Co-op Support:

The generous support we received from South Country CO-OP Ltd. has helped us get closer to our fundraising goal. Their contribution of 25% of the cost for the new copier/fax/scanner is encouraging, as we have now raised almost 50% of our goal. Without their contribution and support of the project we would not be as close as we are to making the purchase.

How You Can Help:

Due to COVID-19, fundraising for these types of projects has been challenging. We still need to raise $2,400.00 and are looking for donations of any amount. The end date for this project is December 2021. If anyone is interested in donating or learning more about this project, please call Tracy @ 403-548-3335 or email tracy@shortgrass.ca. Thank you!