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Keeping virtual and window visits possible during pandemic

Thank you to Peninsula Co-op for their ongoing support.

Community Need:

In the last few months, the public health crisis has changed dramatically, upending our community emotionally, medically, logistically and financially.
The Saanich Peninsula Hospital is truly on the front lines of delivery services at this critical time, working to ensure that our patients receive both the material and emotional support they need. These challenging times remind us how much it means to our health care workers that supporters like Peninsula Co-op are with them. The health and safety of our hospital staff, patients and community is our highest priority.
Co-op's support has provided materials and equipment to help front-line healthcare workers while they provide safe, high-quality care to our patients and community.

Local Co-op Support:

Peninsula Co-op's support is a gift that keeps giving. Thanks to Co-op we were able to support the ever-changing needs in our hospital and community healthcare. There was no budget to cover a pandemic, and Peninsula Co-op's help made a significant difference!
Thank you for being part of this community. Thank you for believing in the mission of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation, and in the work that is being done by all our healthcare workers that we have a chance to support.
In times of uncertainty such as this, we see the best of our community emerge. Your support provides peace of mind. It provides materials or equipment to help front-line healthcare workers while they provide safe, high-quality care to our patients . You truly exemplify what it means to be community heroes.
One of the most biggest impact Co-op's support has made possible is virtual or window visits!
"Thanks to your generosity, the Long-Term Care Unit is managing to navigate through this rapidly changing “New World Order”. We have never encountered anything like this in our lifetime, but thanks to you, we have answered every challenge sent our way. From tents for change rooms to tablets/cell phones for socialization and from extra mobile TVs for small group encounters to PPEs for staff safety.
With your support, we have maintained LTC‘s Motto “No Virus Welcome Here!”
Shirley Finnigan - CNL, Long-Term Care, SPH

How You Can Help:

We now face the challenging task of looking forward at the ever growing wait list of patients which have had to face the sad tale of cancellation of their much needed surgery. These surgeries will have new safety protocols are in place and we will need to help with specialized equipment.

No clinician will ever call himself or herself a hero. They see this as their duty and their calling. Fears don’t stop them from showing up, day after day, to care for patients. And it’s our turn now, more than ever, to show up and support our heroes.

We had no budget to cover this pandemic so we created the Emergency Response Fund. Our goal is $250,000.
If you have not yet, please send a gift to help. Your gift today will provide immediate and essential support especially if there is a second wave of covid-19.

Your caring gift will help provide:
• Tools and support for our healthcare workers
• Housing for clinicians in quarantine
• Increasing Telehealth capabilities
• iPads to help patients stay connected to loved ones
• Refurbishing existing space to meet covid-19 regulation
• New surgical equipment to support covid-19 requirements

Please help the patients, families and healthcare workers and give now. Donate online at sphf.ca or call Brenda at 250-889-6965 and help us reach our goal