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Receiving cheque's is wonderful....but giving them away is even better!!!! Grateful to all the wonderful clients I work with to make this happen today! #JoeAnnasHouse #givingchangeseverything #feelsgoodtogive - Kristie Nyrose from KAN Management Services stopped by Kelowna General Hospital with a generous gift for JoeAnna’s House. It was a gesture that really shows giving just to GIVE can mean so much. As a small business owner, Kristie has made a commitment to herself to give back to the community whenever she can.
“This gift for JoeAnna’s House feels like the right way to commemorate what has been a successful year for KAN Management... I feel the need to give back and today, a donation to JoeAnna's House felt like the right thing to do" she said. Kristie didn't know that it was #NationalPhilanthropyDay, when she donated on November 15th, 2018. The timing of her heartfelt gift was just perfect! #GivingChangesEverything #JoeAnnasHouse