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Children Events Volunteer

Purpose: Children's program
The children’s events volunteer is to assist to provide children a fun and safe experience during events. The volunteer will work closely with the program coordinator.

Position Description
• Assist in planning of events
• Supervise children
• Set up and take down of events
• Provide assistance with children
• Operate booths
• Participate in parades
• Collect fees
• Gather and organize donation items

• Dates and times vary. Dates are throughout spring, summer and fall.

Do you
• Enjoy working with children
• Demonstrate effective communication skills
• Have creative and innovative abilities
• Like working outdoors

You will enhance your skills in
Leadership – by providing direction and guidance of others
Effective Communication – by speaking clearly and with understanding
Problem solving – assess situations and determine a quick and safe recommendations

Note: must obtain a Criminal Record check

Volunteers could be responsible for a variety of tasks depending on their interest and experience: help to plan events, set up and take down of events, provide assistance with children while riding in our pedal cars during events, coordinate donation items, operate booths, and participate in a parade.
If interested please email info@kdsc.bc.ca or phone Sheila @ 250.765.3163